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Hello Elleians and Welcome to The Tailored Empress! I am Empress Elle! 🔮🤎✨


I am an Intuitive with over 10 years of tarot card reading experience. My focus is to bring Awareness and Healing through Self-Love and Knowledge of Self, to teach my Clients how to open up to their own Spiritual Potential in order to achieve their Love, Financial and overall Life goals.

The Body is the Temple of Knowledge. Know the World Within.

-- Kemetic Proverbs


From a very early age, I realized I had Spiritual Gifts that were hard to explain, and a Spiritual Understanding that not everyone had. With the help of Source, my Ancestor Army, Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels, I am blessed to be able to share my gifts with the World, and use them to connect my Clients with their own Spiritual Paths and Purpose.  In my experience, everyone has the power to improve their own lives by harnessing the Divine Energy within, with the help of their own Spirit Guides. 

"I'm Not Self-Made, I'm Community-Built. "

-- Empress Elle


To Book a Reading Today, head to my Services Page.


I Wish you Self-Love, Positive Vibes and Inner Peace. 🔮🤎✨

Empress Elle


Aries ☉ | Scorpio ☽ | Gemini ↑ | Pisces ♀

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